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Suggestion Checklist

I've gotten so many suggestions that I had to make one of these to keep track of them. None of these are final.
Finished suggestions are checked.


1.Option of adding a youtube video as a "preview" of the Track. That way everything is a little more in depth than just a picture with the assorted lines.
2.Download a track directly from that track's Page. Instead of adding to your manager and then having to download.
3.See who's online and what they're doing
Would take alot more work than it's worth
4.Along with most downloaded/view lists, maybe have the most viewed/downloaded usernames. (Maybe also add a view all users link, and order it by most viewed/downloaded.)
5.On the Analyze page, maybe add how many views/downloads you have totalled from your tracks.
6.Have a featured list, and have you/someone else picks what they think are the best tracks.
7.Create categories for different tracks, such as Manual Tracks, or Off Sled Tracks. Either you/someone picks what category, or the users choose after they've uploaded it.
8.Add a comment and rating system
9.Maybe register a .tk ( if you want an easier to remember address, or register a .com if you want to spend the money.
Obtained new address:
10.If a track is uploaded twice or just as a joke, and doesn't have a purpose to be there, users can flag it and it will be reviewed by you/someone else, and maybe deleted.
11.While viewing the page for a track, make it so you can click on the author's name so you can view all of their tracks.
12.Add a shoutbox near the bottom of the index, people like those
13.A flag system, so users can point out tracks that are stolen or stupid (like single-line saves that weren't deleted)
14.[AKA make tracks private] A 'preview only' option would be nice. [In the works?]Maybe a download with permission option.
15.An option to put all tracks you've uploaded into your manager
16.Size info (width x height) for tracks in the analyzer
17.(Private) Messaging system